About Us
Owner: Gerald Crean III


Chief Operating Officer: Craig Baratta
Chief Commercial Officer: Philip Crean IV
Chief Financial Officer: James Wicks
Director of Aztec Sales John Partenio
Director of Human Resources: Ann Marie Hall
Director of Image Star Sales: Janna Walsh
Director of Logistics: David Haught
Director of Product Management: Jeremy Texeira

Managers and Supervisors

Aztec Service Manager: Joseph Kennedy
Contracts Manager: Denise Mabilog
Customer Service Manager: CJ Vaitkus
Image Star Sales Manager: Connor Jones
Logistics Manager, CT: Daisy Pantoja
Logistics Manager, TN: Jeffrey Longs
Sales Operations Manager: Terri Dowler

The company started in 1984 as Xerographic Supply and Equipment and has since grown to XSE group, a holding group of four smaller companies. Since 1984 we have expanded our product line to stock at least 26 different Manufacturers’ lines. Sales soared to over 85 million per year. XSE has achieved success by keeping to the bottom line, the vision statement which is the backbone of the company.

“XSE Group, Inc. is committed to growing a profitable, technologically advanced, customer-driven global sales and distribution company.”

  • Listen to our customers. Find out what they want and need, then provide it to them.
  • Meet and exceed our customers' expectations, profitably.
  • Enhance our technology investments to build valued services for our customers.
  • Capitalize on the strengths and leaderships skills of all our employees.
  • Build a work force of energetic, motivated, customer-orientated employees. We will succeed and have fun succeeding.
  • Regularly communicate goals, objectives and operating results to all of our employees.
  • Never lose sight of our commitment to our customers!